Conversion Analytics & Optimization

We install data-collecting software to track your visitors and then makes changes to your website to increase conversion rates. If your website, landing page, or marketing campaign isn’t generating 1 lead for every 9 visitors – then something is wrong and we can help.

Utilize our analytical tools, extensive industry experience, and ‘to-die-for-data’ to increase your conversion rates and generate a steady flow of organics leads online.

We increase your conversion rates via 3 main methods:

Solar Conversions & Optmization

1. Individual User Tracking

We use heat maps, content analytics, and individual user recordings to track your visitors. We watch where they click, how far they scroll, and what pages they visit – then use that data to make changes to your website.

2. Increased User Engagement

We help you interact with your users, build their trust, and then convert them into leads. We install and maintain a branded chat box, Proof software, and then speed up your site 2-3x, making it easier for your customers to navigate (WordPress only).

Solar Conversion Optimization and Analaytics

Solar Website Design

3. Professional Website Editing

We use the collected data to make changes on your website that increase conversions. This includes 1 hour of professional copy editing,  on-site design changes, and a 30 minute consultation call with you. We then send you a monthly summary showing exactly how much your site improved.

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